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Washing your hands

Can you remember all the steps you need to do to wash your hands properly?

Rinse them, then apply soap,
rubbing hands palm to palm.
First one back, now the other back…

And you are almost done! Don’t forget to wash your hands!
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Lyrics & Music Dàmaris Gelabert

Washing your hands
Is a matter of health,
With water and soap
So that nothing is left
The bacteria disappears
And the viruses will leave,
That’s the way to keep them clean
Now it’s time to wash your hands

Rinse them,
Now apply soap
Rubbing hands palm to palm
First one back,
Then the other back
Scrub between your fingers

Then fingertips
Don’t forget to wash your thumbs
Rinse them again,
Then dry them
That is all you need to do


I said it’s time to wash your hands,
It’s time to wash your hands
Come on let’s do this wash your hands,
You know, I know, let’s wash our hands

Behind the scene

  • Songwriting:
    Adri & Leia
  • Director:
    Alex Martinez
  • Production:
    Dàmaris Gelabert
    Lydia Gelabert
    Paula Moya
    Oihane Burgos
    Laura Carrión
    Clara Ruíz
    Alex Martínez
  • Creative team:
    Alex Martínez
    Clara Ruíz
  • Edition:
    Alex Martínez
  • Colorist:
    Fabián Matas
  • DOP:
    Toni Llobet
  • Tecnic production:
    Cristina Belmonte
  • Steadycam:
    Ricard Haro
  • Focus puller:
    Bernat Bonaventura
  • Gaffer:
    Yoel Torres
  • Electrics:
    Martí Bescos
    Paula Botella
    Javi Blanco
  • Runner:
    Road Dogs
  • Band:
  • Dancers:
    Marta Manotas
    Hary Safu
    Clara Martínez
    Violeta Marín
    Yaiza Llort
    Theo Olona
  • Coreographer:
    Clara Martínez
  • Special collaboration (hands dancer and coreographer):
    Marta Ros
  • Cast:
    Carla García
  • Stylist:
    Marta Garreta
  • Stylist and art assistant:
    Marta Martí
  • Hair and makeup:
    Núria Vargas
    Sofia Mayo
  • Photography:
    Clara Ruíz
  • Musical production:
    Alex Martínez
  • Background voices:
    Elsa Hackett
  • Background kids voices:
    Alex Leighton
    Marc Leighton
    Noa Memba
    Aina Segura
    Emma Segura
  • Sound engineer:
    Carles Puntí