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Celebrating Rock Day with great news

Did you know that 13 July is #WorldRockDay? If you’re a curious person, you’ll be pleased to know that… 🎶 It emerged back in 1950 in North America, from the combination of different sounds such as blues, jazz, country or rhythm and blues, among others 🤘 It is also known as ‘Rock and Roll’ or ‘Rock’N’Roll’ 🎸 The day is celebrated on 13 July because on this same day, in 1985, the famous ‘Live Aid’ benefit concert was held, with the participation of great bands such as Queen, Led Zeppelin, U2, The Who and Status Quo, among many others 👉 Families, do you listen to rock at home and have you ever played rock for your little ones? This musical genre is the protagonist of our next song! Click on the button and watch the video to the end and we’ll give you a hint of what it will sound like 😜