Who am I? Our latest release!!!

I am the cousin, I am the grandkid, I am the friend… Who am I?
That’s a really tough one, but this song is sure to help you find some answers. The song is a fun way to learn vocabulary about family and social relationships.It will also boost kids’ self-esteem and identity making them aware that they are many things at the same time and that every one of them is valid.

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New rock song to learn the days of the week!

We feel very happy and excited! We just published our new song to learn the days of the week. It is the first song that Julen sings as a soloist and we are sure that you will love it. This time we have made the version in Spanish and English because the melody of the song has allowed us to do it. LIVE THE ROCK AND ROLL!

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Have you ever heard of associative learning?

Did you know that music allows for better stimulation of children’s brains, memory, attention and concentration? That’s why we want you to be able to use our songs as useful and fun tools to reinforce your children’s learning.

“A’s for apple, B’s for bread, C’s for car, D’s for dressing”… Associative learning is one of the simplest ways of learning: it consists of connecting two elements in our brain. Let’s put it into practice: press play and learn with us!

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Vic Mirallas and his saxophone in ‘Un Mundo de Color’

In ‘Un Mundo de Color’, Leia’s voice is accompanied by another one: our friend’s Vic Mirallas. He and his saxo are the special guests of this beautiful and colorful song. Do you know him?

Vic Mirallas is singer-songwriter from Barcelona, he also plays the saxophone and the clarinet. He first started taking piano lessons at 7, and three years later began studying clarinet at the Barcelona Conservatory. His talent as a performer is surpassed only by his talent as a composer and arranger!

If you want to kick in the studio, click the Botton and enjoy his recording sessions!

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A day at Parc d’Atraccions Tibidabo in Barcelona

“A, I, O, UUUUU, son las cinco vocales…” We can’t stop singing this song! 🎤

Did you know that the official video of ‘Las Vocales’ was recorded at Parc d’Atraccions Tibidabo? It is an Amusement Park located in Barcelona. One of our favorite places to visit in the city! 😄

Press play and discover the different corners of the park.

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New single The Funky Seasons

How well do you know the seasons? 🧐

We are super happy to announce that our friend and singer Karina Pasian has joined us on a special mission: to explore the 4 seasons 🌸☀️🍂❄️ You can now enjoy our new song “The Funky Seasons”! 🎶

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New single Un mundo de color

New song! We have erased the gray around us and together with our friend Vic Mirallas we have painted a world full of colour 🌈🌈 #UnMundoDeColor is now on all platforms, and we can’t wait for you to listen to it!

Will you help us look around for the colours yellow, green, red and blue?

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