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Dàmaris Gelabert

Founded in 1998 by Dàmaris Gelabert and Alex Martínez, Tot Sona Records is a leading record company in the children’s music industry responsible for the artist Dàmaris Gelabert. 

For the past 24 years, and after graduating from Berklee College of Music, Dàmaris and Alex have grown professionally within the music industry, composing and producing music and, specially, focusing their careers on quality music for children with a pedagogic and children growth and development vocation.

All the experience gained along the years in the music industry, had let us to launch Tot Sona’s new project: Grow Up Singing, with which we intent to bring our message to children around the world.

We are a family for which
music is everything

Adri and Leia with their father Àlex Martínez

Leia and Adri with their mother Dàmaris Gelabert

Adri & Leia

Leia and Adri are sibilings and they are the songwriters of The Grow Up Singing Band. They love working together. They have enjoyed making music since childhood and have decided to invest part of their time in this project aimed at the little ones. They also have their personal projects and work on other professional projects. They use logic pro and pro tools to produce the songs.

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Dámaris Gelabert

Alex MArtinez
I am a pedagogue, music therapist, author and singer of children’s songs. I graduated in Philosophy and Education Sciences from the University of Barcelona. I specialize in Music Therapy and graduate with honors from Berklee College of Music in Boston.

I have released over 200 songs and released 16 albums. These songs are used as a learning tool in the school and family environment for their useful content in the formation of habits, basic education and educational values. My YouTube channel has over 800 million views and has reached over 2 million subscribers.

I am the creator of the Totsona method of Musical Stimulation in stage 0-6 and in special education. This method is based on understanding music as the child’s first language and as one of the best educational strategies.

My agenda is full of concerts, auditions and workshops for families. I am also a professor at various universities and gives talks, courses and seminars.

Alex Martinez

Alex MArtinez

I studied music at the Liceu in Barcelona and at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where I graduated in Composition and Film scoring. My instrument is the piano and my second instrument a “mac” (what a remedy!).

I have worked as a film and television composer and as an arranger and orchestrator. I have also taught and acted as a live musician in different groups. I am the music producer and arranger of many records and shows, both in the field of comercial music and musical theater.

My passion, however, is jazz. I love music! and I want to take advantage of these lines to write a few thoughts about my job and vocation. Music is abused today. Too often music wants to mean show and entertainment and it doesn’t always have to be that way. Music can be enjoyed on different levels and everyone can experience it in their own way. Music to listen to, music to learn,…

With the Grow Up Singing project we want to contribute with our grain of sand, making a repertoire that at the same time that it works pedagogically also does it from a strictly musical point of view. I hope we are getting it.

The Grow Up Singing Band & Dàmaris Gelabert