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Let music guide our children

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Who am I?

I am the cousin, I am the grandkid, I am the friend… Who am I?

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The alphabet

Learning the A L P H A B E T has never been this fun,

A B C D E F G …

Let’s all sing it, dance it, and learn it together!

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Washing your hands
Can you remember all the steps you need
to do to wash your hands properly?

Rinse them, then apply soap, rubbing hands palm to palm. First one back, now the other back…
And you are almost done! Don’t forget to wash your hands!
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The days of the week

You won’t find a rockier song
to learn the days of the week!
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Los días de la semana

The spanish version!!!

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¡Buenos días!

Rise and shine everybody,
Isn’t it great to wake up with music?
Isn’t it great to start the day singing and dancing?
Remember to say “Buenos días” to the people next to you first thing in the morning,
And you’ll be granted with an amazing day!

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Un mundo de color
How beautiful is a world full of colors…
Yellow, green, red and blue.

Look for the colors around you!
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Las Vocales

Once you listen to the Vowels song there’s no going back. Ahhhh, Ehhhh, Ihhhh, Ohhhh, Uhhhh. It’s as simple as that, and now you know them by heart!

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Let’s all find the shapes

Discover our new and refreshing video clip,
featuring Karina Pasian
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The funky seasons
Do you know the four seasons of the year?
Which one is your favorite?
Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.
Let’s sing them together!

We rely on music to
empower our children


What do the professionals think?

David Pastor
David PastorMusician
Read More
You have a super cool project!! Go for it! 🤗
Joan Vidal
Joan VidalMusician
Read More
The kids from around the world will be so lucky to have this enormous musical talent and contagious energy. Long life to The Grow Up Singing Band!.
Miguel Lamas
Miguel LamasMusician
Read More
A spectacular project. Who said that an educational project, designed for children, couldn't have some good grooves, elaborate harmonies and catchy melodies? Congratulations and keep going, because there is no better way to educate than by having fun and using creativity!
Angel Valverde
Angel ValverdeMusician
Read More
Amazing band, amazing musicians, amazing songs.. who can ask for anything more? 👏👏👏
Meritxell Neddermann
Meritxell NeddermannMusician
Read More
This is the project I would have liked to learn from as a child! Great arrangements, great songs, great aesthetics!!! A way of learning English while genuinely enjoying the musical part of the pedagogic process. LOVE IT!!!
Joina Canyet Garcia
Joina Canyet GarciaPianist
Read More
From the first day I met The Grow Up Singing Band I loved them! Great songs with cool arrangements, message and an impressive flow! I want to be a girl again to learn from their songs!



Let’s all find the shapes, new videoclip coming soon

New videoclip featuring Karina Passian!

Who am I? Our latest release!!!

I am the cousin, I am the grandkid, I am the friend… Who am I? That’s a really tough one, but this song is sure to help you find some

New rock song to learn the days of the week!

We feel very happy and excited! We just published our new song to learn the days of the week. It is the first song that Julen sings as a soloist
with our song 
seasons-banda seasons-banda2

How well do you know the seasons? 🧐 Enjoy our song #TheFunkySeasons and sing along with our friend @karinapasian and us! 🎶 Don’t forget to save the song on your favorite platform, we’re on YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.



Shooting from the video clip Who am I?

Concert at Taral·la

Shooting from video clips




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